Harmonium Sleep Support Reviews: A Natural & Healthy Supplement For Good Sleep!

Hello readers, I’m sure you already have an idea about Harmonium Sleep Support powder already because of several Harmonium Sleep Support reviews available on the internet. But I’m writing a detailed review of the product which is not based on its first impression only but also keeping in mind every possible aspect of the product.

Harmonium Sleep Support Reviews: Having Trouble Getting Quality Sleep?

Harmonium Sleep Support supplement has created quite a stir in the market since its release and people are also calling it a long-lasting solution for all the problems related to your sleeplessness.

While I was researching the Harmonium Sleep Support supplement, I came across so much data which is not really covered by any other websites. This is why I decided to write this all-inclusive and detailed Harmonium Sleep Support review. So, without wasting any further time, let’s get into it.

Harmonium Sleep Support Reviews
Product name:Harmonium Sleep Support
Item form:Powdered supplement
Manufacturer:Harmonium Health
Ingredients:Passionflower extract, 5-HTP, and much more
Health Benefits:Sound sleep maintenance
Dosage:1 scoop per day
Recommended usage:Mix with 6-8 ounces of water
Results: 2-3 months
Side Effects: No Major Side Effects reported
Money back: 90 Days
Price: $49.95
Official Website: Click Here

What is Harmonium Sleep Support?

Harmonium Sleep Support is a dietary supplement that comes in a powdered form and bps you get a sound sleep at night. This is a herbal supplement that is produced by using several natural ingredients. Harmonium Sleep Support powder boosts your GABA levels and reduces the levels of Glutamate in your body.

As the name suggests, Harmonium Sleep Support powder is specially made for people who have trouble getting quality sleep. It works for you by making you sleep at the right time and even makes you enjoy the same while you are asleep. Harmonium Sleep Support supplement is considered a nighttime supplement and also helps you get rid of anxiety, stress, fatigue, etc. that allows you to enjoy your sleep to the fullest.

Along with making you sleep early, the Harmonium Sleep Support supplement also helps you wake up feeling fully energetic. The supplement is not limited to people of any certain age. According to its official website, the same remedy was used by soldiers during world war 1 to remain relaxed and calm. Harmonium Sleep Support powder does not require you to maintain any fancy diet along with it.

Who is the manufacturer of Harmonium Sleep Support?

Harmonium Sleep Support Manufacturer

The Harmonium Sleep Support powder is manufactured by the company named Harmonium Health. It produces high-quality products that have nutritional substances in them. The Harmonium Sleep Support ingredients are natural, quite safe, and are also backed by science. The product is made keeping in mind the premium quality of all the ingredients.

What are the ingredients used in the Harmonium Sleep Support?

Harmonium Sleep Support is a natural product that is made from herbs and spices. It does not contain any chemical as well as non-toxic substances. The sweet flavor is because of the stevia and monk fruit. The various magical Harmonium Sleep Support ingredients are as follows.

Harmonium Sleep Support ingredients


Magnesium helps in building the nervous system (1). It reduces the levels of stress and anxiety and promotes sleep and relaxation. The lack of magnesium can lead your body to sleeplessness and anxiety. You can find magnesium in legumes.

Passion flower extract

It is a type of herb that is used for sleep problems and anxiety and thus is added into Harmonium Sleep Support powder.

Chamomile extract

The chamomile plant is known for its medicinal properties (3). It is added in Harmonium Sleep Support powder since it is helpful in fighting off anxiety, insomnia, and sleeping disorders.


It stands for 5- Hydroxytryptophan. It is extracted from Griffonia seeds. The main aim of this 5-HTP is to boost the mood and make you feel more relaxed. It also helps in stress management, depression, and anxiety. It also boosts the bedtime hormones in your body.

Black pepper extract

This extract is known as Bioperine. It helps you achieve deep and relaxed sleep and makes you more energetic.

Lemon balm leaf

This ingredient works as an anti-stress as well as an anti-anxiety substance. It is a herbal ingredient and helps you remain cheerful by impacting your negative moods. It increases the sense of calmness.

Ashwagandha extract

Ashwagandha is a great source of production of GABA (2). GABA is a  chemical that supports sleep and is needed by your brain to relieve stress and make you fall asleep. Ashwagandha also reduces the levels of anxiety.


It is an antioxidant that is red in color. It helps your body by improving your sleep. It is included as an ingredient in Harmonium Sleep Support powder as it decreases the levels of cortisol.

Asian ginseng extract

It has been a source of remedy in traditional Chinese medicine for more than a thousand years. This is a herb that promotes sleep in your body.


Melatonin increases the GABA levels in your brain which leads to a calming effect on your mind as well as body. It makes sleep faster along with providing a night of better quality sleep.

How does Harmonium Sleep Support work?

Harmonium Sleep Support powder is an amalgamation of various herbs that helps you fall asleep easily along with better quality sleep. It works by increasing the levels of GABA or Gamma-Aminobutyric acid production. The Harmonium Sleep Support dietary supplement reduces the levels of your anxiety and stress which helps you sleep calmly.

This works even when you are asleep by providing you with a sound sleep. When Harmonium Sleep Support powder increases the production of GABA, it indicates your brain to fall asleep naturally. Some of its ingredients make your mind peaceful and relax your body which also leads to a better quality of sleep. The Harmonium Sleep Support supplement also makes sure that you wake up fully charged and energetic and do not feel tired.

Harmonium Sleep Support working

What are the benefits of using Harmonium Sleep Support?

This powdered product is majorly focused on providing you with better quality sleep. But this is not the only thing it is good at. Upon investigating further, I came to know about the various benefits that the Harmonium Sleep Support supplement offers-

✔️ Harmonium Sleep Support powder helps you by reducing your stress levels, and anxiety levels.

✔️ It increases the production of GABA chemicals in your brain which promotes sleep.

✔️ It increases the levels of melatonin in your body and creates a positive effect on your mood.

✔️ Harmonium Sleep Support powder helps your body and mind to feel relaxed and reduces the levels of stress and hallucinations.

✔️ It increases the duration of the REM sleep cycle and helps your body by increasing your energy levels.

✔️ It helps you get rid of irritation and fatigue and maintains the levels of blood sugar.

What are the side effects of Harmonium Sleep Support supplement?

This dietary supplement is safe to use since all the ingredients present in it are natural. The major ingredient used to produce Harmonium Sleep Support powder is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This does not have any major side effects, however, a few things should be noted before adding Harmonium Sleep Support supplement into your diet-

🔻 This should not be taken by people who are already suffering from insomnia.

🔻 This should not be taken by people who are on blood thinners.

🔻 Pregnant or nursing women should not use the Harmonium Sleep Support supplement.

🔻 People who suffer from allergies should not add this supplement to their diet.

🔻 People who are already on any medication should use it under the proper guidance of their doctor.

🔻 Harmonium Sleep Support powder can stop the urge to urinate in the middle of the night in order to provide your better and undisturbed sleep.

Harmonium Sleep Support Dosage and how to use it?

Harmonium Sleep Support Dosage

According to the official website, the recommended dosage of the Harmonium Sleep Support supplement is one scoop only. You should take one scoop of the powder and mix it with six to eight ounces of water. Harmonium Sleep Support powder is recommended that it should be taken only before going to sleep at night. You should not take it whenever you go to bed in a day. It must only be taken once per day.

Harmonium Sleep Support Results and longevity

The Harmonium Sleep Support powder has shown a positive response in the majority of its users. In order to make it work properly, you must use it for a minimum of 90 days. With all its benefits given, you cannot expect it to work overnight.

The Harmonium Sleep Support supplement takes its own time on every individual differently to work. Since the ingredients are all-natural and herbs, it is bound to have a positive impact on the user. In case, Harmonium Sleep Support powder does not work for you, there can only be two reasons- either you are expecting results too soon or it simply does not work for you (which is highly unlikely). Well, you can always get a full refund within 3 months.

As far as longevity is concerned, the results are here to stay for a long time. If you take the Harmonium Sleep Support powder as it is advised, you will be able to see its results for a minimum of 2 years. The only thing you should take care of is the maintenance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Is Harmonium Sleep Support legit?

Well, to be honest, the Harmonium Sleep Support supplement does look like any other dietary supplement only and there is nothing that can tell you that it’s different from others when you first set your eyes on it.

On the other hand, the response of the users tells a different story. The positive response is the reason why you should believe that it’s a legit product. The positive response is there because Harmonium Sleep Support powder has worked out well for people. You get to understand its benefits once you start using it.

You will have to give the Harmonium Sleep Support supplement the required time which is a minimum of 3 months and you will see its results. Also, your money is safe with the refund policy. 

Harmonium Sleep Support Customer reviews and complaints

As I have mentioned already, the response of the Harmonium Sleep Support supplement is positive. According to hundreds of customer reviews of the product, the product works quite well. Obviously, there were a few people who did not feel satisfied with the Harmonium Sleep Support powder within one month’s use.

Not everyone can become with the product. It’s understandable that you want the results very soon but, trust me or not, the Harmonium Sleep Support supplement will take some time to work on your body. People who complained about the supplement within three months were given their full money back as a refund and were happy about it. 

Harmonium Sleep Support Price and availability

Given its benefits, you might think the price of the Harmonium Sleep Support powder would be something very high. On the contrary, it’s quite affordable. Well, there is good news for you as well. The supplement is available at a discounted rate for customers. 

The Harmonium Sleep Support supplement comes in three different price ranges, that are mentioned below-

1 Bottle-30 Days Supply

$ 49.95

3 Bottles-90 Days supply

$ 39.95/ bottle

6 Bottle-180 Days Supply

$ 33/ bottle

Along with the amazing price ranges, the manufacturer also provides free U.S. shipping on any of the three packs. Your product will take 3-5 days to reach your address. You can use the Harmonium Sleep Support powder as advised and if it does not work for you, no worries.

Harmonium Sleep Support is backed by a 90-day full money-back guarantee. 

The product is not available on any other e-commerce website such as Amazon. You will only be able to get it from the official website of the Harmonium Sleep Support supplement. 

Final Verdict on Harmonium Sleep Support Reviews

As mentioned in the Harmonium Sleep Support reviews above, the Harmonium Sleep Support supplement is aimed at providing you with better quality sleep. All the natural ingredients present in it make it safe to use. Its power of reducing stress and anxiety is a topic of discussion among doctors.

You can enjoy an uninterrupted and sound sleep with the Harmonium Sleep Support powder without having to give up your other favorite beverages entirely. You will have to maintain a healthy diet in order to make it work properly though. Harmonium Sleep Support powder is safe to use and is not addictive. 

Harmonium Sleep Support FAQs


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