Which Calcium Supplement May Contain Lead And Other Toxic Metals?

It’s a common belief that calcium is very important for the body, be it as a calcium supplement or a simple glass of milk.

However, recently, a book by doctor Thomas E Levy called Death by Calcium took over by storm. In the book, the doctor turns the bone- world upside down, including all that you believed that were associated with calcium.

Which Calcium Supplement May Contain Lead And Other Toxic Metals?

Calcium Supplement May Contain Lead And Other Toxic Metals

Most of us have been consuming calcium all our lives, The excess calcium accumulates in cells, tissues, and organs. It tends to harden wherever it lands and as a result, you will be most likely to get into some serious trouble.

A common phase is when calcium tends to harden by your arteries, heart or brain leaving you with a twenty percent chance of having a heart attack and another thirty percent chance of having a stroke.

Calcium risks

Even at normal dosages, calcium can cause bloating, gas and constipation. High doses can even cause kidney stones and raise the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Calcium Supplement

If you are planning on taking any supplements, it is always safe to ask your doctor first. Calcium can interact with other drugs for heart diseases, diabetes, epilepsy and other conditions.

It can prevent your body from absorbing minerals like iron and zinc.

If you have kidney diseases, heart problems, sarcoidosis or bone tumors, it is safe not to take any calcium supplements until and unless your doctor suggests them.

How much calcium can you take?

Calcium is good if it is consumed in small amounts. We just have to consume in just the right amounts that some foods offer.

Calcium Supplement

Dr Levy believed that we have to take in how much we lose on a daily basis, which is about 170 mg for most healthy people.

For example, if you are about 36 years of age, you will need only two hundred to three hundred mg of calcium per day.

If you eat only one cup of low fat yoghurt, you will have consumed about three hundred to four hundred mg of calcium.   

There are several food items from where you can get the required calcium content from.

Of course, not all of them have to be dairy products. Some of the non dairy products that you can get your calcium off are- Sardines with the bones, 3 oz., 325 mg, Black-eyed peas, 1 cup, 211 mg, Canned salmon with bones, 3 oz., 181 mg, Tahini, 2 tablespoons, 128 mg, Collard greens (cooked), 1/2 cup, 125 mg, Almond butter, 2 tablespoons, 111 mg, Raw chopped kale, 1 cup, 100 mg Hummus, 1/2 cup, 62 mg, Navy beans, 1/2 cup, 61 mg,  Eggs (2), 50 mg, etc

What do you consume besides Calcium?

It is recommended that besides calcium, you can choose to detoxify your whole body in order to eliminate toxins and chronic infections. Dr Levy advice on getting rid of dental amalgams that contain mercury and nickel.

calcium supplements

For bone supplements, he advises taking vitamin D and vitamin K2. Both of these vitamins direct calcium to your bones and steer them away from your heart and other organs.

However, he says that the most important vitamin is Vitamin C. He calls this the ‘foundation stone of strong bones’.

Vitamin C is needed to maintain a healthy balance of bone-building osteoblasts and bone destroying osteoblasts. It aids new osteoblasts in forming new bones.

It also controls the destruction of bones by osteoblasts. If your vitamin C is low, then you are at a risk of having trouble in building new bone and your bone breakdown speeds up.

He recommends six thousand to fifteen thousand mg per day in divided doses. Dr Levy’s book is fascinating and documents a good lot of studies that help you in the strengthening of your bones.

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With every amount of calcium that you consume, you tend to increase the risk of a cardiovascular disease by another four percent.

It can also settle down in your cells and cause oxidation which can lead to cancer, which is the reason why women with a higher bone mass, tend to have breast cancer at a later stage of their life.

So be wise, before choosing the product.

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